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General building defects

The subject of Building Defects is so vast that no detailed advice can be published here.

It is a fact of life that all buildings have some form of defect. The older they are the larger the number of defects and potential problems from materials wearing out, poor building practice and lack of maintenance.

Repairs to buildings are rarely cheap and an assessment of a building’s condition and repairs needed prior to purchase or lease is an essential pre-requisite.

New houses and flats often have defects and a pre purchase inspection is always recommended, even though the property is normally covered by a 10 or 15 year guarantee for the main structure. Checking a building against plans and specifications often throws up inconsistencies.

Different ages of older residential property tend to have similar problems which the experienced surveyor will look for and pick up. If you are buying a flat or house then consider having a thorough survey on the property. See Residential surveys.

If you are taking a lease on a commercial or industrial building, the landlord’s and lessee’s repairing and decorating covenants must be determined from the Lease, before considering an inspection of the premises.See Commercial property.

This practice regularly carries out surveys on all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

If you would like to discuss building defects affecting your property or one you are considering buying or leasing or require a survey Contact Me.

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